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Screwless HD Swivel Rod Holder

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Rupp's patented SWIVEL rod holder is an Innovation Award Winner, manufactured from investment cast stainless steel for a streamlined, bolt-less look. No special tools or fasteners are necessary, and its removable top flange facilitates customization, replacement, and re-polishing. Furthermore, the patent pending locking swivel feature allows the rod holder to be set in either a fixed or 360° swivel configuration, with the convenience of a threaded drain hole.

This rod holder is a game changer - take it from us, it's the last one you'll ever need! Powered by a Compression Bearing Socket, these revolvers permit rods to swivel a full 360° - keeping rod tips precisely aimed and pressure directly into the fish and keeping your line protected from abrasion and wear due to chafing on the sides of rod guides. 

These larger diameter rod holders are available in 0° 15° & 30° angles. 

To be used with the Large Stainless Steel Backing Plates 10-1476-40

Prop 65 Warning