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Outrigger Teaser Pulley - Dual Swivel Teaser Block

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SKU MI-0068

NEW PRODUCT from Harken that is specifically tailored for outrigger fishing! This new DUAL SWIVEL Fiddle block uses two 40mm Low-friction Carbo Air blocks, known for their lightness, durability and reliability. Purpose built for pulling large teaser or squid chains from your outriggers.

FEATURING dual swivel posts for easier installation and eliminating the need for a rigged swivel. It is also better balanced then prior fiddle block designs, staying inline with rigging. It is manufactured with a tighter sheave cheek tolerance and uses Harkens proven ball bearing technology for long service life, it outperforms previous designs.

Rupp Part# MI-0068

Click below for rigging diagrams/suggestions.

Large Dredge Rigging Diagram