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Standard Swivel Rod Holder

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NEW -  Rupp standard size rod holders are now available in 316L Stainless Steel as well as our legendary, jewelry like chromed brass material.  All rod holders are available with your choice of white or black vinyl liner. Durable forged components give heavy-duty performance; and polished to a jewelry-like finish for the finest cockpits. Both variants share the same bolt pattern and are therefore interchangeable.

Rupp Revolvers are the combination of a top quality rod holder with a special compression bearing socket that allows rods to swivel a full 360° - keeping rod tips aimed directly into the fight and placing pressure straight into the fish. Fishing line is protected from abrasion and wear due to chafing on the sides of rod guides. Available in 30°, 15° and vertical models.

Precision engineered Compression Bearing Socket gives the performance edge. Fully adjustable with Delrin bearing surfaces to provide precise control of the swivel action. 

Prop 65 Warning